Seeping through cracks in Security

About Me

Malware Analysis & Reverse Engineering

I am currently a Senior at Purdue University studying Cybersecurity. As I continue to learn more about Digital Forensics & Reverse Engineering, I am interested in receiving feedback and critiques on my procedures used in the format of a blog. I have learned so much from the community after reading articles and blogs and look forward to the feedback I receive. 

Currently, the blog will consist of my processes and findings as I work though "Practical Malware Analysis" by Andrew Honig and Michael Sikorski as well as "The Art of Memory Forensics by AAron Walters, Andrew Case, Jamie Levy, and Michael Hale Ligh. 

As I work through the labs and topics covered in the book, any feedback or changes I could make or include would be greatly appreciated. Over time, I would love to develop articles on trending topics in the ever volitile world of IT & Security. 

I greatly look forward to documenting my learning process.